The taxi sound its horn at the lack of sub-millisecond reaction from the car in front. In the background the sound of sirens can be heard. Someone curses over spilled coffee. Life in the city. There’s a certain alluring mystique in the chaos; the colors, the cries, the joy, the fear. It’s all there.

As much as I love the hustle and bustle of the city streets, there comes a time when I long for some mother nature love; luckily she never disappoints. She offers undisputed tranquility, star filled skies, fresh air, and stillness.

She also offers wasps. Their relentless buzzing commands a certain respect, as anyone who’s been stung can attest to. However, compared to sirens and neighbours TV, I find that even the buzz of wasps can be quite soothing.

Add the ever so gentle sound of the ocean, the seagulls mocking squawks, the seemingly confused butterflies, and the cool breeze from afar; then you have what can only be described as peace.

I look out over the ocean as the sun set, and I can’t help but wonder; what lies there, beyond the waves?

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