Thunderous clouds loom in the distance. The rain is picking up. Darkness. Only a few determined souls are braving the weather, clutching their umbrellas for dear life. Sipping the morning coffee you look out the window with resignation, another day lost for photography. Or is it?

Photography is all about the light. Preferably that warm, fuzzy feeling, light that occurs in the almighty Golden Hour – those precious few minutes just after sunrise and just before sunset. Avoid the high noon sun at all cost, and wait for the opportune time of day to snap those masterpieces waiting to happen. Or should you?

No doubt light is important for photography. Vital even. After all, a camera is simply a wizard’s device that manage to capture light. It can make a break a photograph. However, it should never break the insistence of going out into the world with a camera at the ready.

There’s no time of day, nor type of weather, that is not good for photography. The best time is whenever you have your camera with you.

You’ll never know what you are going to get, unless you go get it!

London Houses of Parliament Clouds Rainbow
Houses of Parliament, London. It was a dark and thunderous morning. I waited out the rain under a bridge for about 45 minutes and managed to take this during a moment of calm before the sky opened up again. Patience pays off.
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge, New York City. It was foggy with no sight and a clingy mist that could have fooled you for being in a outdoors shower. A dash or color, and a change of perspective managed to make this a slightly more interesting image.
London Architecture
London, UK. The city notorious for its rain did not disappoint this day. Everything was grey and dull, so it was the perfect opportunity to focus on details and abstracts. When the sky is flat either exclude it, or include a contrasting subject.
Venice Italy Grand Canal
Venice, Italy. Sometimes you’re just lucky, fog brings the beauty and mystery about Venice to another level. As there were little to no color contrast it was the perfect opportunity to experiment with some black and white conversions.
  1. Fotos muy buenas, buen trabajo.
    Un saludo

  2. Jesus – Muchas gracias! 🙂

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