You do your best to prepare yourself. But the onslaught of a half a million people, most dressed up more elaborately than the next, does leave you somewhat bewildered at times. Music blasting from every direction, laughter, shouts, the mouth watering street food; it sure is a spectacle!

The West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval takes place on Santa Monica Boulevard and sees people of all ages, and more importantly; costumes of every conceivable design. It’s a friendly, lively, and chaotic atmosphere where everybody is willing to patiently pose for pictures.

I definitely recommend checking it out if you ever have the opportunity. A tip though, if you manage to find street parking remember where you parked. For some reason I forgot that I’d parked over at Fairfax Ave and spent 50 minutes walking around thinking my car was stolen. Luckily there was no shortage of party-going stragglers willing to keep my company on my search.

You’re never short on a good time in Hollywood!

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